01. Police [intervened] in the demonstration when it began to get violent.
02. The government has so far refused to [intervene] in the transit strike.
03. We spent the [intervening] time between our flights looking over our maps, and planning our holiday.
04. Military [intervention] by the United States now seems inevitable.
05. The [intervention] by the U.S.S.R. in the internal affairs of the country was condemned internationally.
06. The public is calling for the government to [intervene] in the month-long strike by health care workers.
07. The boss was obliged to [intervene] in the dispute between the secretary and the receptionist because they weren't getting any work done.
08. The government has announced its intention to [intervene] in the teachers' strike if a settlement can't be reached within the next 48 hours.
09. One of the office staff decided to [intervene] when an argument between a couple of the filing clerks became too intense.
10. I don't really think it is appropriate for an employer to [intervene] in the private lives of employees.
11. If tigers are to survive in the wild, they will need massive human [intervention].
12. In 1979, the U.S. and Jamaica [intervened] militarily in Grenada in order to prevent the establishment of a communist state on the island.
13. In August of 1969, the British army arrived in Northern Ireland to [intervene] in violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics.
14. In 1974, a Greek-sponsored attempt to seize the government of Cyprus was met by military [intervention] from Turkey.
15. In Hungary in 1956, a revolt and announced withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact were met with a massive military [intervention] by the Soviet Union.
16. The Norwegian economy features a combination of free market activity and government [intervention].
17. On June 4, 1938 following numerous international [interventions], the Nazis allowed Sigmund Freud to emigrate to London with his wife and daughter.
18. Studies show that people are less likely to [intervene] in an emergency if they in a crowd.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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